Reflexology is claimed to reduce stress, increase circulation, rid the body of toxins and balance energy. If you enjoy having foot massages, this is a good go-to because of its "double-duty" health benefits.

You can book in for a stand alone treatment or combine with a foot Peel treatment, pedicure or a Soothe + Smooth Massage! Foot reflexology is all about relieving pain by stimulating pre-defined pressure points on the feet that connect directly to the nervous system.
Our Elderberry therapist will knead the soft fleshy balls of your feet, work around the toes, and trace around your heels and the arch of your foot. Hot towels are applied at various stages and you can even shut your eyes and doze off...

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LED Facial Therapy, uses four clinically proven wavelengths of UV-free LED lights that are used to naturally boost collagen production + treat existing acne.